First Published in December 1946 - 186 pages

(NB The first edition of this book does NOT have a blank REAR endpaper due to wartime paper shortages)


The original first edition dust jacket showing the price of 6 shillings


This, the first post World War II story, starts with Cub, Copper and Trapper meeting for a reunion dinner with Gimlet at the Ritz Hotel in London. Bizarrely, Gimlet doesn't turn up! Investigating the mystery, our three heroes travel to Lorrington Hall in the village of Lorrington, Devon and find out from a very unhelpful butler and a helpful gardener that Gimlet has inherited an estate in Scotland and was last known to be there. Travelling to Scotland our heroes discover a suspicious pub called the Glencarglas Arms as one of the nearest premises to Gimlet's isolated estate. An old tin mine is on the track to Gimlet's estate and Cub, Copper and Trapper go to look round it. Here, to their utter astonishment, they find an unconscious Gimlet at the bottom of a remote shaft - he is only found by pure luck! Gimlet is taken to an old remote hut where he is able to recover and tell his story. After accepting a lift from the landlord of the pub, a man called McTaggart and a fisherman staying at the pub called Smith, he had been bashed on the head and dumped down the shaft to die. The next morning a mysterious man throws a bomb down the shaft where Gimlet was and blows it up completely, this, no doubt, being to cover up the "murder" of Gimlet. Thinking things through, Cub believes that a telegram must have been sent to the local post office to tip the baddies off about Gimlet's arrival and there is reason to believe that it probably came from Gimlet's new butler. Cub sets off to make enquiries and finds out that he was correct but he also has an encounter with the man, Smith, who tries to kill him. Lost on the moor, Cub wanders until he finds Gimlet's estate house called Strathcarglas. Meanwhile, Copper has gone looking for Cub and confronted the men at the pub. Copper is taken prisoner to Strathcarglas but Cub is on hand to save him before he can be tortured by an American gangster called Slim Delano. After a shootout, which involves Gimlet and Trapper, our heroes have control of Gimlet's house. Various clues lead to suspicion that some kind of racket is going on, particularly after Slim offers to buy Strathcarglas off Gimlet. When his offer is rejected out of hand, Slim and his men return with a bomb and destroy the kitchen of the house. Cub finds a book that gives him the final clues. It is whisky that is being made in an illegal still on the estate and that whisky can fetch 5.00 a bottle on the black market in London. The book contained a map showing the location of the old still on the estate, but the map is missing. Gimlet and his ex-commandos go to the Glencarglas Arms and recover the map from the men there. They also have cause to interact with the police. Following the map out into the wilds of the Scottish moors, our heroes search for the Glencarglas secret still that the baddies are using. Cub slips downs a bank and finds it. He also finds himself in a confrontation with the enemy before Gimlet and the others arrive. Here a final shoot out occurs and, needless to say, the baddies get their comeuppance. Gimlet and Cub chase an escaping Slim across the moors until Slim manages to reach a car but he is killed in a car crash just as the police arrive. The police are then able to take over and finish the job off.


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Gimlet Comes Home

Subtitle - Another adventure of King of the Commandos and his three Musketeers, "Copper" Colson, "Trapper" Troublay and "Cub" Peters.

Publication Details - originally published by University of London Press Ltd.

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