Book First Published on 6th October 1947* - 185 pages

* This information is taken from a letter from A. P. Watt & Son to W. E. Johns in my collection

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Cub, Copper and Trapper are asked to meet Gimlet at 10 Brummel Square, London. Here, they find not only Gimlet, but also General Sir Saxon Craig (who they had known as "Numero Neuf" in Gimlet Goes Again). The General wants our heroes' help in tracking down the members of a Nazi Underground Movement, who call themselves the "Werewolves". Although the war is now over, they are sending prominent Britains death warrants and then kidnapping them. After a mock trial, the victim is executed. Gimlet reveals that he has received such a death warrant for his war time activities, particularly killing Von Roth at Chateaudun in King of the Commandos. Gimlet returns to the Hotel Europa where he has been staying and suspects that an attempt will be made to kidnap him. He stations his men in his room to be ready but they all come under the influence of gas. Two intruders enter the hotel room wearing wolf head masks and try to carry Gimlet away but they are foiled and captured. The General is called but the two werewolves commit suicide. Cub follows a taxi, which he believes was waiting to pick up Gimlet and the werewolves, but he crashes when he is forced off the road. Gimlet's next lead occurs when his friend Captain Frederick Ashton, (the former keeper of the Cheval Noir pub in France from King of the Commandos) receives a death warrant. Travelling down to Wongerford Manor in Sussex, Gimlet and his team plan to protect Ashton whilst he is acting as the Master of the local hunt. Two werewolves isolate Ashton and stun him but Gimlet and his men manage to save him. Calling on the services of the Special Air Police, Ginger Hebblethwaite uses an aircraft to follow one of the werewolves' cars to an old church in Whitechapel Road. The other werewolf is surrounded in woods but manages to get away with the help of an amphibious aircraft. Cub goes to join the congregation of the Whitechapel church but finds himself in hot water and is saved by Copper. Meanwhile, Gimlet has to return to his home village of Lorrington where he is due to judge a village competition. Here, Gimlet is drugged and snatched by the werewolves from right under everybody's noses. Cub, Copper and Trapper arrange to get help from the General and then raid the Whitechapel church. Here they find a mock Courtroom and chase a gang of werewolves down an underground passage into the sewers. Gimlet is with them and with his hands bound he is thrown into the Thames to drown. Cub jumps in and pulls him out in the nick of time. The werewolves escape by boat on the foggy river. Some muddy flying boots are found in the church and these prove to be a vital clue. A werewolf returns to blow up the church and succeeds in doing so. Enlisting the help of Biggles from the Special Air Police, aerial recognisance of the Norfolk Broads reveals a suspicious area that may be the base from where the amphibious plane is operating. Biggles briefs our heroes on his observations from page 150 to page 155, making this book another candidate for the title of 'Biggles book'. The area in question on the Norfolk Broads consists of an apparently abandoned windmill. Gimlet and his commandos make a sneak raid on the place and find the werewolves' base. They attack in time to catch the plane returning to its base and manage to completely destroy it. When the werewolves refuse to surrender, Gimlet uses an incendiary grenade to set the windmill alight. The climax of the book is (rather unhelpfully) depicted on the book's cover. The werewolves are all killed and their base is destroyed.


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Gimlet Mops Up

Subtitle - An adventure of King of the Commandos and his three Musketeers, Corporal "Copper" Colson, "Trapper" Troublay and "Cub" Peters.

Publication Details - originally published by Brockhampton Press Ltd.


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